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All Prices Include Professional Fitting From Our Expert Team


Tanalised Treatment

We ensure all products are fully tanalised. This will give you a ten-year guarantee from anti-rot and unbeatable weatherproofing. It also protects from insect attack and fungal decay. This gives all our buildings the natural beauty of real wood while protecting them from the ravages of nature.

Our fully tanalised, pressure-treated timber products give you:

  • Proven, long-term protection against fungal decay and insect attack, including termites.
  • Excellent colour durability – initially green in colour, mellowing to a warm brown to blend perfectly with natural surroundings.
  • Protection indoors and out, either in ground, above ground or in water contact.
  • Ten-year anti-rot guarantee.

Natural appearance, exceptional durability

Tanalised timber is proven to have exceptional colour properties compared to other preservatives. Treated timber takes on a green colouration, which blends seamlessly with nature. The tanalised timber then slowly weathers to a warm brown and gradually fades to a silver-grey.

Maintaining your tanalised shed

Tanalised treatment is great because it does not have to be painted or stained multiple times to maintain its preservative properties. You can also use decorative coatings on top of it such as water-repellent treatments.