Your Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Playhouse

Your Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Playhouse

Choosing the right playhouse for your little ones to have fun in can be a time consuming and confusing decision to make. With our complete guide to choosing the right garden playhouse, you are sure to make the best choice!

Size & Space

You will need to pick a secure and flat space for your garden playhouse, just like if you were planning to get a new shed installed. Some things to think about are:

●     Flat and firm ground

●     An area that is not prone to flooding

●     Away from trees and large bushes

●     Easy access for building and maintenance companies

Making sure that your garden playhouse is going in an appropriate place, with enough room around it, and away from potential damage is important to ensure your playhouse goes in a safe, secure spot.

You will also need to ensure that your playhouse is the correct size for your children! If you have younger children, you may be able to get away with something slightly smaller, but you may want to invest in a bigger building for them to grow into too. It is dependent on your preferences.

Planning Permission

Depending on the size of the playhouse you are having installed, you may need to seek out planning permission from local authorities.

This will be dependent on the size and height of your playhouse.

Fun Features

There are so many fun features you can include in your playhouse! From bunk beds inside, to a super fun slide on the exterior, there are so many ways to make your playhouse the best time for your little ones.

And, don’t forget to make sure there’s plenty of space for toys!


You can get a slide attached to the exterior of your playhouse as an added feature that can really amp up the enjoyment your children are getting from their playhouse.

A slide is a great addition that your kids will never get bored of!

Buying From A Reliable Retailer

Buying from a retailer that you can rely on to provide a dependable service and high quality products is important. The quality of service throughout the process, and during the aftercare, is also a key element that you should consider.

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