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What Benefits Do Summerhouses Offer?

Summerhouses are a good addition to your garden and can provide plenty of benefits. They’re relatively simple to install if you choose a prefab option, but even if you are building your own, the summerhouse can be finished in, well, a summer.
What benefits can you expect from a summerhouse? Here are our top reasons to consider building one:

Enhance Your Garden Aesthetics

A summerhouse can make your garden look so much nicer. If you want to enjoy the view from your home, why not plant more flowers, add a cute wooden shed and create the garden of your dreams? With the summerhouse, you’ll also make the garden more appealing to visitors. Everyone will want to spend time outdoors and it can be a fun way to enjoy time with your family and friends.
Chances are, your garden is nice enough, but adding a traditional summerhouse is a great way to make it even better. Consider building a small patio outside your summerhouse for added fun. It will also work well as a pool house by the pool, if you have one.

Add Useful Storage Space

Everyone needs more storage space and summerhouses are perfect for giving you a little extra space. You simply need to set up the building and then add some shelves and storage units inside. If you prefer not to have everything sitting out in the open, try investing in some cupboards or a nice hutch for the items to go in. Storage can be as simple or complex as you desire.

Lower Cost Living Space

Need more room in your home? Perhaps you have a moody young person who no longer wishes to share a room with a younger sibling. Maybe your mother-in-law has come to stay for a bit. Whatever has made your home feel too small can easily be rectified by using your summerhouse as a bit of extra space.
You can add a bed and a small kitchen to a summerhouse, which immediately makes it work as an extra room. Build a loo onto it and you have tiny home, all contained in your garden. This is ideal for guests or for having someone in the family live nearby, but not completely alone. It’s a good way for grown children to spread their wings a little before they need to really move on in life.

Versatile Space

A corner summerhouse or even a traditional one may be used for far more than entertaining during the warmer months. When the hotter weather is over, there’s no need to leave the shed just sitting there. Try adapting it to your needs. With the right insulation and a heater inside, it’s great for winter use, as well.
Summerhouses are the perfect size to use as a studio, hobby room, or even a home office in your garden. It provides you with some extra space outside the main house, so you can get in some practise time or homework.

Enjoy Your Garden More

Do you spend much time in your garden? If not, it’s time to change that. Adding areas that you can enjoy outdoors will help you make better use of the garden. These may include:


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice swim now and then? Even if you’re not interested in a full pool installation, a small above ground pool can be quite a lot of fun.

Hot Tub

No pool? What about a hot tub where you can ease your aches and stress?

Fire Pit

Something that is very simple to do is add a fire pit to your garden. If you have a summerhouse out there, why not include a firepit and enjoy cooking over it while you spend time with friends?


A simple patio can add visual interest and give you a pleasant place to enjoy your evenings during the summer. Add it in front of the corner summerhouse for a lovely garden makeover.
With just a few small changes, you can really turn your garden into a place where you enjoy spending time. It just takes a little effort. Of course, with tanalised treatment to prevent insects and weather from affecting your summerhouse and anything else that you build from wood, you can ensure your new additions stand proud for many years to come.

Increase Property Value

Summerhouses can really add a lot of value to your home. This is an additional outbuilding and a garden enhancer. Who wouldn’t want a wooden summerhouse in their garden? If you make enough small enhancements to your home, you will find it much easier to sell when you’re ready. It will fetch a higher price as well, due to the improvements and a summerhouse is one of the simplest options available.

Create A Calming Space

Everyone needs a place they can go to meditate, rest their mind, and get away from the chaos that is the world today. Even in your own family, you may feel overwhelmed at times. Your wooden summerhouse can be that quiet, calm space for you.
To create a space that you enjoy, you’ll need to do a little decorating. This may be as simple as placing a nice carpet in the room and adding some pillows to sit on. You can put your favourite chair in summerhouse if you like and include art that inspires and calms you. Painting the room can also help you prepare a more meditative area to rest in and you could even include a hammock chair or something else that makes you feel relaxed.
Lighting and music, even aromatherapy, can all be a big part of relaxation, so don’t be afraid to add some scented candles, a radio, or speakers for your phone, and some twinkle lights. It all adds to the relaxing part of your day.
The next time you feel stressed out, you may just go out to the garden and relax with some music and a nice cup of tea. It can be rather therapeutic.

Enjoy Family Time

Need a better way to get your family to get together? A traditional summerhouse gives you a place to do that. Plan a game night or create a game room of sorts in the shed to give everyone a reason to go there and spend time together. While you may not want to set up a snooker table in the limited space you have, but you can certainly create a games table and add as many of your favourite board and card games as you like.
Don’t forget to include snacks and drinks, which are guaranteed to get the younger set out with you. Add in a little music and some fun lights and you can make an evening of having fun. It’s also ideal for having friends over for a round of poker and some drinks. In short, the game room can rapidly become the place to bee for everyone you know.
Summerhouses are simple enough that anyone can put one up. They don’t cost much, whether you are building your own from scratch or setting up a pre-fabricated option. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful building to add to your space. It can provide so much more than just a place to escape the heat on a summer’s day.

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