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The Fastest Way to Set Up a Workshop This Summer

Have you been dreaming of setting up a workshop where you can create and manage all your project ideas? If you are like most people, this dream can keep getting put off over and over again. It’s time to make the decision and start creating that workshop right now.
If you start immediately, you’ll be working on it within a week or so, giving you plenty of time to finish several projects before the summer is over.

The Fastest Method of Building a Workshop

Need that shop up quickly? You can order a prefabricated workshop that will include installation. This means the pieces will be brought to you and you can watch as it is installed in your garden. The process is quite rapid and while you do need to prepare for it ahead of time, you could easily be moving your tools in by this time next week.
What do you need to do before the workshop arrives? The first thing is to decide what you want. How much space do you need? There are several sizes of garden sheds and workshops available, so you should look at them and see what you prefer. If you have the space, the largest option is usually best. Anyone with a workshop can tell you that it will rapidly reduce in size as you load up more tools.
You’ll also need to choose from several options, such as siding type, window positioning, etc. Once you have confirmed the workshop’s arrival, you need to make sure the site is prepared and level for the installation. If possible, pour a concrete base for your new building, but you can also opt for the timber base that will give you everything you need to have the building set up.

After the Installation

Once the workshop is installed, you’ll need to do a few things. Protecting the wood is important, so you’ll need to seal it before you do much else. You will also need to wire it for electricity as needed. For this, we recommend an electrician. It’s safest this way and since you will be using heavy machinery within the workshop, it’s best to ensure the electrical is done correctly.
Next is the fun part, moving everything in. You can decide where your workbench will go, and then put all your tools in, based on that. You should have plenty of space to move items in and out, particularly if you‘ve chosen a workshop with extra wide doors.
Once you’re settled in, it’s time to start working on your projects. There are no more excuses once you have your building!
Are you ready to set up your workshop this summer? Contact York Timber to learn more about our workshop options.

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