Playhouse Makeovers Your Children Will Love

Playhouse Makeovers Your Children Will Love

A child’s imagination is constantly running wild, with make-believe games, creative ideas and fantasy adventures playing an important part in the development of young minds. Not only does imaginative play boost young people’s social, emotional and creative abilities, but it also helps them to build physical and cognitive skills. All of this is carried through to adulthood and proves crucial in later life.

More often than not, gardens, outdoor spaces and wooden playhouses exist as the perfect settings for these imaginative adventures to unfold. That said, what better way to enhance these escapades than with a playhouse makeover?

If you’re looking to pimp your playhouse, we’ve put together a few ideas to get you started! Read on to discover more.

Fairytale Cottage

First on our list is a classic. Think Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood. We are, of course, talking about transforming your playhouse into a fairytale cottage. With a lick of paint and a few colourful decorations, you can bid farewell to a plain wood finish and say hello to happily ever after!

Rich natural woods and floral tones are synonymous with this style of home, so don’t be afraid to get creative. On the outside, flowers and bunting can line the windows, with a vase and child-friendly tea set laid neatly within. Why not go the extra mile and fashion a pretend chimney or stove? Flame-free of course, this is make-believe after all.

Knight’s Castle

For courageous youngsters and valiant hearts, transforming a playhouse into a Knight’s caste is the perfect solution. A little D.I.Y spirit and a thirst for adventure are all you’ll need to create a perfect palace. Turrets and flags are a good place to start, before moving on to some grey stone paint to complete the look.

For a finishing touch, why not place a little round table inside? Knights need somewhere to discuss important matters after all. Your outdoor playhouse will look mediaeval in no time.

Pirate Ship

Ahoy! Last but by no means least, a pirate ship makeover is sure to take ocean adventures to the next level. Children’s imaginations are powerful things and, with a bit of creative flair, they’ll be aboard the Dawn Treader in no time. A skull and crossbones flag is all you’ll need to get started, but we’d recommend adding some battle scars and cannonball wounds to give a little more character.

Of course, you can’t forget the ship’s wheel. Without this, there’ll be no way to steer!

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It goes without saying that the key to a great playhouse makeover, is a great playhouse. If you’re searching for high-quality playhouses, in a range of sizes, look no further. Here at Keighley Timber & Fencing Sheds, we’re pleased to stock a wide range of single and two-storey playhouses.

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