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Key Considerations When Buying a Dog Kennel

A dog is iconically referred to as man’s best friend. A constant companion that is just as much a part of a family as every other member. Because of how much people love having a dog around the house, it is common to take the time to make their comfort a priority. These could be dog beds, toys, good food and more.

Dog kennels are a great way to ensure your dog has everything it needs to have a place to sleep, play and exercise. But what should you be thinking about when buying a dog kennel? Read on to find out.

Indoor Or Outdoor

Indoor dog kennels are usually a lot smaller than outdoor ones and made of materials such as wire or plastic which are fine to be inside but wouldn’t be an effective material to use outside. Outdoor dog kennels are commonly made from wood or strong materials that won’t rot, rust or degrade when exposed to the elements.

Outdoor kennels typically have a lot more space, some with runs built in so dogs can exercise and play. In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits and the key considerations when buying a dog kennel.

Why Use an Outdoor Dog House?

While many keep their dog inside at all times, it is actually beneficial to the animal for them to spend a certain amount of time outdoors. Just like humans, fresh air and sunshine are key to the health of man’s best friend. So keeping them outside in a kennel for a portion of the day can actually do them good.

If you’re considering locking your dog in a crate while you’re out of the house or busy, consider using an outdoor dog house instead, so at least while they’re safe in their kennel they’re getting some fresh air and light on their skin. You can fill the kennel with food, their favourite toys and a comfortable place to rest, making it a perfect place for them to reside in at times.

If you have a kennel with a run, this also gives your dog space to exercise, while still keeping them safe in their kennel. This is an ideal solution if you still want your dog to stay active, but need to keep them in their kennel for whatever reason. They can play and move about to their heart’s content, and you don’t even have to be in the garden to keep a close eye on them.

Why Use An Indoor Dog House?

Indoor kennels are a great way to help with house training for your pet. If you want your dog to wee or poo inside but only on specific spots, the kennel is the perfect place for this to happen. Instead of taking them outside, take them to the kennel every time you think they need to go. This will gradually teach them it’s alright to do this in the kennel.

Indoor kennels are usually quite portable, so you can take them with you. This will keep them safe during the car journey and stop them from getting into mischief. If you’re going on a weekend away, you can simply bring the kennel with you and set it up wherever you’re staying.

An indoor kennel also provides the perfect spot for your dog to sleep. If you don’t want them running amok inside your home overnight, keeping them in the kennel will ensure no mischief happens.

Things To Consider

Location Of Kennel

The first thing to consider before looking for a kennel is the location in which you are going to place the kennel. An indoor kennel can go anywhere in your home you want, but many choose to put it in a utility room to keep it out of the way, or a living room so they can keep an eye on the dog when they are inside.

An outdoor kennel can go anywhere space allows it to, as they are typically larger than an indoor one. They should normally be put on a solid base, and ideally close to the house. This is so the dog can easily get in and out of the house, and will have cover at certain parts of the day.

Materials Used

You’ll also want to carefully consider the materials that are going to be used for your dog kennel. An inside kennel is typically made of metal, wire or plastic. These materials are strong and perfect for use inside where the kennel is not exposed to the elements.

Outside, you need to use different materials for your kennel. Tanalised wood is one of the most popular choices for kennel materials. It is strong, while the tanalisation gives it protection against rot and the elements. You wouldn’t want your brand new dog house breaking down and becoming unsafe over time.

If your kennel also includes a run, you should think about what material this is made out of. Mesh is a good choice, as it still allows plenty of light and air through, but also is secure and can’t be chewed through. Some kennels even utilise fencing.

Our dog kennels are made from tanalised wood, offering a ten-year guarantee against wood or insect infestation. We use green mineral felt inside, with the option to upgrade to heavy-duty poly felt for an additional cost.

Dog Breed

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so when considering a kennel, you need to think about the breed and size of your dog. Something small like a chihuahua or pug will probably not need an especially big dog house as they take up less space and also need less room to move about in. If you have a large dog such as a great dane or german shepherd, you’re going to want to consider a dog house which has a lot more space.

Short Term or Long Term

If you only need a kennel for a short period of time or specific purpose, it might be better to go with a lower quality, less expensive model. However, if this is an investment that will be used for years to come, you’ll want to invest more time in finding a supplier who uses quality materials and builds their dog houses to last.


You’ll want to carefully consider your budget when looking for a dog house. While the best models have great features, they’ll also generally be more expensive. If you’re looking for a bespoke solution fit for your specific dog, this may cost more money than a generic model purchased from a local pet supply shop.

Having a budget in mind when you are beginning to look for your dog house is ideal, as you will know exactly what you can afford.


You may require certain extras on top of a dog house. You may want insulation installed on your outdoor dog house, so your dog can stay warm, especially when the weather gets a bit colder. You may want additional flooring put down, or a fence around the kennel to ensure your dog doesn’t escape. Each extra will probably cost extra, so they may have to be carefully considered to fit your budget.

Outdoor Dog Houses & Sheds Made To Order

If you’re after a high-quality dog kennel for your pet, get in touch with us. Our robust dog kennels are made of tanalised timber, offering you protection against rot and the elements. The wood is also of great quality, meaning it can withstand the wear and tear of a dog residing in it.

They also combine a shelter with a run area, so your dog will never feel cooped up and trapped in their dog kennel, but have plenty of space to move around, no matter what breed they are. We stock kennels in a variety of sizes, so you can get a bigger model for multiple/large dogs, or a smaller dog shed if you need it.

With a series of optional extras available, our dog kennel and run is an ideal choice for your furry pal. Aside from dog kennels, you can shop with us for a great selection of wooden buildings, including sheds, workshops, summer houses, playhouses and more.

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