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How to Set Up Your Summerhouse

A summerhouse is a perfect way to spend more time outdoors during this fleeting season we call summer. But if your summerhouse is just sitting there, waiting, it won’t see much use. Ideally, you’ll set up the space to be inviting enough that everyone will use it throughout the warmer months.

Paint It First

You’ll want to be sure you paint the building before you start working on decorating. This is a small space, separate from your home, so feel free to get creative. It’s a good area to experiment with colour, but you should also aim for lighter colours to keep the space feeling cool.

Add the Right Seating

You’ll spend much of your time sitting out in the summerhouse, so somewhere very comfortable to sit is essential. While the actual piece of furniture will depend on your personal taste, many people find a small sofa or a couple of armchairs to be ideal. If you have space for both, this is even better.

You need enough space for the seating, of course, and should be able to arrange it to your liking or rearrange it if you have friends and need to add more seating.

A Light Area Rug

Avoid fluffy rugs for this purpose. They will get dirty rapidly and don’t really feel as wonderful when it’s very hot outside. Instead, get a nice flat rug, like the one you would choose for a beach house. It will tend to capture any soil or sand and will provide a little cushioning for your feet. After all, you have to kick off your shoes in the summer.

Pleasant Lighting

A summerhouse is meant to be used day and night, so you should look at putting in some lighting. Most people prefer something gentle, so fairy lights or a balloon light may be best for this purpose. Faux candles may also be used to light the space, indoors and out.

Add Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

Having friends over? Expand into the garden by opening the doors to the summerhouse and placing your indoor/outdoor furniture there. You’ll keep everyone together and can move around from one area to the next, depending on shade needs. This is a simple way to furnish the space and allows you to really expand its usage, as well.

Include the Accessories to Make It Homey

Items like a wine cooler or a small refrigerator for snacks and drinks can really make the space more exciting. You can place a BBQ just outside and cook everything right there while enjoying the garden.

A summerhouse is a perfect way to enjoy your garden, so go ahead and get it set up today. Don’t have a summerhouse yet? We’ve got you covered. Purchase yours online at Keighley Timber & Fencing

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