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How to Make Your Dog’s Kennel Inviting

Many dogs need to have some outdoor space to roam around and a kennel can be exactly what allows them to do this. You’ll need to plan carefully and help your dog become content in the kennel. Once they’re used to it, they’ll love to hang out in their own space and enjoy the freedom that it brings.

Choosing the Kennel

There’s no need to keep your dog indoors all the time. A kennel allows you the freedom to have your dog enjoy the outdoors, too. The kennel should have a run where the dog can be outside in the grass, but also a shelter so they can curl up out of the rain and sun. This space shouldn’t be terribly large, but should also not be cramped.

Wooden kennels are often the best choice, since they are warm and comfortable, but also look good. You won’t need to hide the fact you have a kennel in your garden.

Make the Space Cosy

Most dogs love to snuggle and burrow into soft things, so make sure they have some blankets in the kennel. They can adjust them as needed to create the perfect bed for themselves. Even if you let the dog indoors at night, they will be happy to curl up and have a nap in their kennel during the day when they’re tired of playing.

It’s a good idea to add a dog bed or pillow, as well. This gives some extra padding and can prevent the cooler floor from irritating your dog. Dogs enjoy curling up on top of soft things, so they’ll love having a cushion.

Provide Food and Water

You’ll need to be sure that your dog has plenty of water on hand. A large bowl of water should be available at all times and cleaned out daily to prevent dust and bacteria from building up. Remember that water will tend to evaporate outdoors, so more water is needed.

You can also feed your dog in the kennel, though some people prefer to feed elsewhere. The choice is yours. A good option for pups that like to chew and play is a toy that lets you pop a treat inside for them to try and get out.

Add Some Toys

Of course, toys are a good way to keep your puppy busy while they’re in their kennel and run, so don’t forget to put a few in there. A ball, a chew toy, and a short length of knotted rope will give your dog plenty to work with while they’re outside.

You can also tie toys to the side of the kennel, such as a tugging toy or length of knotted rope. Just be sure it’s not a choking or strangulation hazard.

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