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How to Make a Dog Kennel More Appealing

Do you feel bad about putting your dog in their kennel? With a little care, you can turn the kennel into a space that your dog loves and enjoys being in. Whether you have a run attached to it or not, the actual kennel can be made rather appealing to your pet.
It’s important that your dog feel comfortable in its new home, rather than like it’s being punished. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your dog is content.

Choose the Right Size

Your dog shouldn’t be cramped in their kennel, so be sure they can move around a little and still have space for their toys. The older the dog, the bigger the kennel needs to be. Older dogs may find themselves aching after staying in one position, so they should be given lots of space to move and shift positions as needed.

What Kind of Bedding?

You know your dog best. Does your dog chew on his bedding or destroy beds? If so, you don’t want to leave anything in the kennel that could end up being eaten. This can result in an emergency trip to the vet and you definitely want to avoid that.
If your dog isn’t a problematic chewer, you can add a favourite blanket, a dog mat or even a dog bed. However, this should fit in the corner and give the dog space to move around still. Most dogs appreciate a nice soft space to snuggle up.

Adding Toys

If your dog will spend more than a couple of hours a day in their kennel, they will need some entertainment. You should look for toys that require interaction and that your dog will enjoy playing with. Try to avoid anything that could easily become a choking hazard with a dog. You want toys that entertain and keep the dog busy but don’t pose a threat.

Offer Water

Your dog should always have access to clean water, so be sure the kennel water bowl is always topped off. This will ensure your pet has the opportunity to drink as needed. This is especially important during the hotter months, but your dog will appreciate having a way to quench his thirst at any point.
Of course, the dog’s kennel should also be sturdily built and properly designed to give you easy access to your pet. If you’re looking for a quality kennel for your dog, Keighley Timber offers an excellent choice, with a built-in run.

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