Essential Security Measures for Wooden Sheds

Essential Security Measures for Wooden Sheds

For storing tools, equipment and everyday household utilities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more useful asset than the humble garden shed. Secure and inconspicuous enough to contain the expensive mowers, trimmers and power tools you own, but also visually pleasing enough to take pride of place in even the most conscious homeowner’s garden, many wooden sheds exhibit fantastic craftsmanship, while you may even opt to convert a larger shed into your dream outhouse, family playhouse or exterior home working space.

Let Keighley Timber provide all you need to know on securing and safeguarding your new or existing timber garden buildings – with tips as varied as the doors and locks, to techy solutions you may not have considered.

Why Wood?

Though sheds constructed from plastic and metal are also popular, wooden sheds are favourable for plenty of reasons, not least the authentic appearance and natural, variable craftsmanship exhibited within many designs. Carefully carved and often finished with oils, wood paints and varnishes, wood sheds are weatherproof and aesthetically desirable for a long period following your initial purchase. Of course, not all wooden sheds are the same – and you should make an informed decision on the quality of timber you’re dealing with before placing all of your eggs into one basket and making a purchase.

Cast aside your thoughts of wood rotting away, and rickety wooden surfaces falling apart – Keighley Timber & Fencing Sheds only deal with the very highest quality timber components. Tight-fitting boards prevent rain and damp from penetrating deep into your wood, while our wood is naturally insulating – making for a reassuringly warm interior space. Searching for sustainable material? Wooden sheds are of course the go-to pick for this too, with wood easy to repurpose and reuse.

Windows And Roof

The windows and roof of a garden building are often targeted by opportunistic criminals, viewed as access points to breach and gain entrance. Facing any windows away from immediate sight will go some way towards safeguarding the shed contents, while positioning any valuables away from the immediate vicinity of the shed windows will stop potential intruders from identifying items they would want to steal.

Many of the wooden shed options we supply and install don’t include windows, limiting the accessibility for thieves and criminals. The windowed wood outbuildings we do feature in our catalogue are all noticeably reinforced and secured with thick wood. Those who are especially conscious may want to block out any shed windows by positioning cabinets and structures in front of them. Although this is likely to block out natural light, it should conceal the contents of your shed effectively.

Discourage Criminals

Actively discouraging criminals from your shed or workshop can be as simple as securing the wider garden area, and ensuring your property looks as unappealing to potential intruders as possible. High walls and fences, lofty garden gates and other physical deterrents are a great place to start, in addition to hedge barriers and craftily located large ornamental items. Signage and immediately noticeable alarm systems may also be a good way to discourage unwelcome visitors, making criminals fully aware that they’re being monitored or tracked should they gain entry and attempt to access your building.

Doors And Locks

Many burglars won’t carry tools and large items so as not to arouse suspicion, therefore a large portion of the criminals who may look to access an exterior building will be looking to use brute force in an attempt to access your valuables. Consequently, acquiring a wooden shed which comes equipped with a sturdy door as standard, and a reliable locking mechanism will cut off a primary method of entering the timber structure which holds your expensive tools.

Whereas potting sheds, playhouses and hobby sheds may arrive with large see-through windows and other access points, our popular Security Shed encounters no such problems. constructed from heavy-duty fully tanalised timber, and with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, this is the wooden shed to use if you want to properly conceal your assets.

Tech And Lights

Technology has become a crucial part of domestic and commercial security, with alarms, camera systems and access control set-ups all popular. When it comes to your garden, there are a few desirable options worth browsing, First and foremost, CCTV cameras can be acquired for as little as £20, and accessed via your phone or tablet for convenience. A small and discrete camera can be placed away from the shed and in an unnoticed location, sending a constant livestream to your device and notifying you of any movement within the perimeter.

Automatic lights are another sensible option, from those which automatically switch on when movement is detected, to those which remain on at all times, illuminating the nearby space. Another great feature of wooden sheds is how customisable they are – so you could easily create an outside shelf or ledge from which to drape your lights or secure your small camera.

Insurance For Wooden Buildings

If all else fails, having your shed and contents insured will provide you with peace of mind that you’re covered should criminal damage or thievery become an issue. Though many of our sheds are covered as standard, you may want to consider third-party cover, or targeted insurance cover for particularly prized items and expensive tools. There’s nothing worse than waking up to find that your shed has been ransacked, so seek an upgrade to your existing garden building, opt for insurance cover, and action some of the other suggestions from this guide.

Recommended Ranges

Not all wooden sheds are built the same, and we endeavour to stock the very best – from stunning timber corner sheds, to huge workshop spaces with customisable bases. Below are just three of our recommended ranges for 2023 – with the key technical details found within each individual description:

Deluxe Workshop

With bolted hinges for additional security, the Deluxe Workshop has been specially designed as an outside work space. Ideal for either a keen gardener, or for those who wish to have their own large working space within the perimeter of their home. The double doors allow for larger tools to be stored with ease, while this is one of the most spacious wood buildings in our range.

Appletree Playhouse

Available in a choice of timbers, as well as optional extras for those seeking flexibility, the Appletree Playhouse is a customisable children’s garden play space. Our popular Appletree Playhouse won’t require extensive maintenance, offering incredible durability once the installation is complete, alongside weatherproof material.

Tool Store

A handy utility for spring all of your regular tools and DIY items, the Tool Store is a fantastic alternative to large sheds if you don’t have the space for Timber buildings. A nifty and narrow wood structure for placement on a patio or decking, let us install your tool store today!

Keighley Timber & Fencing Sheds: From Tool Stores To Comprehensive Wooden Workshops

Carefully crafted wooden objects can really add life to your garden, and at Keighley Timber & Fencing Sheds, the fantastic wooden garden products we specialise in include tool sheds, playhouses, summerhouses and even workshops. Transform your exterior space into a hub of activity, productivity or fun, with installation and maintenance all covered by your friendly local supplier. Known locally for our expert craftsmanship and impressive attention-to-detail, alongside existing ranges, we can even create made-to-order timber buildings to your unique specifications – giving you freedom to match wood tones and designs to the theme of your home.

With more than 25 years of experience in the timber industry, we take pride in every one of our projects, which are delivered in a timely and punctual manner. Ask any of our returning customers: We design and craft the very best in timber garden furniture, so whether you’re looking to set up a brand new garden office for your hybrid working schedule, or you simply require an exterior space to unwind in, trust us to satisfy your exact requirements. Contact the team at your earliest convenience – we would be happy to take you through our growing range of timber garden buildings and bespoke options for a 2023 garden revamp

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