Bespoke Shed Vs Pre-Made Shed: Which is Better?

Bespoke Shed Vs Pre-Made Shed: Which is Better?

Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to get organised. While many decide to clean the inside of their house, your outside space is normally a second thought, especially in the winter months when you’re not as likely to be outside. But getting organised early means that in the summertime you’ll have an amazing outside space all ready to enjoy, without having to put the work in then.

One of the best ways to get an outside space organised is by installing a shed on your property. Read on to find out some of the benefits of a shed and more about what is better, a bespoke shed or a pre-made shed.

Advantages Of Having A Shed Or Wooden Building

Many homeowners love having a shed installed in their garden or outside space. Here are some of the advantages of a shed.


First and foremost a shed is a great way to give your property an additional storage space. You can use it to store goods that would normally take up a lot of room in your home that you don’t necessarily want cluttering your house or garage. Typical examples are all of your lawn equipment and tools.

While these are the most common, a shed can be used to store anything you want! Furniture for your garden, toys for the kids and even winter coats can be put in your shed when you don’t need them. It could also be used to store things you don’t want children to get their hands on or are otherwise dangerous, such as bleach, fertiliser and other pesticides. Just ensure anything you store is well suited for being kept outside, as most sheds are not heated.

Eliminate Clutter

A shed can help you to eliminate clutter from both your garden and your home. If you have children, you might have a lot of outside toys or equipment that you don’t want to have cluttering up your home, but you also don’t want to simply leave them out in your garden as this looks untidy. A shed is a great way to store this stuff, decluttering your spaces while storing it safely.

Increase Property Value

Adding a shed to your garden will typically increase the property value of a home. Potential buyers will always look for great features when shopping for a new home, so seeing a house with a great shed could swing them towards your property.

Work & Play Space

While we’ve been talking about using your shed to declutter and store things, it doesn’t have to be simply used as a storage space. A shed can be easily converted into an extra room for your home. This could be a home office to get away from the hectic nature of a busy household or a DIY workshop for somebody to mess around in on the weekend.

Some sheds can double as playhouses that your children can use, creating their own space to enjoy and have wondrous adventures in. Other ideas include a potting shed or a gym space. It is truly an adaptable space.


A shed can add a layer of security to your household. Most sheds are locked with a padlock and made from durable materials, meaning they’re typically quite hard to break into. This means you can store valuable things inside such as bikes, sports gear or gardening tools without worrying about them being stolen.

Bespoke Shed Vs Pre-Made Shed

When you’re shopping for sheds, you’ll probably come across two distinct types of sheds. These are bespoke sheds and pre-made sheds. Simply put, a bespoke shed is a product that will be created from scratch for a specific person, probably using exact measurements and requirements from the person to create a product that is uniquely their own.

In contrast, a pre-made shed is a product that is already built and therefore is not created specifically for a person. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so here is a bit more information about these.

Bespoke Shed

The biggest advantage of a bespoke shed is that it is made to your personal specification. This means you get a say in the material, size and features of the shed. This is important if you’re looking to create a unique space for a specific purpose, or if you have an awkward space that you want your shed in that is not available in standard shed dimensions.

This is a great option if you’re very particular about the look of your home and property. You can create a shed that fits into your unique aesthetic or purpose.

One of the disadvantages of bespoke sheds is usually the price. As you’re getting a bespoke creation from scratch, you will often find yourself paying a bit more money. This will cover the design work and building that goes into your new shed. The price might also increase if you want custom features or more quality materials.

You might find that a bespoke shed will last a lot longer than a pre-made shed. Because it is bespoke, you can choose high-quality materials to make your shed. A pre-made shed will normally be mass-produced, so the quality of it might not be as good as a bespoke creation.

You can edit the appearance of a bespoke shed from the design stage of your product, meaning you have more control over what it looks like. This could be making it a specific colour or adding features such as windows. With a pre-made shed, you’d first have to buy and install the shed, then think about these additional appearance modifiers.

Pre-Made Shed

A pre-made shed is great if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get organised. You simply pick a shed and have it installed in your garden, without having to spend time designing and creating a custom product suited for you. This option is typically cheaper as well, only paying the price of the shed and not having to worry about the additional costs that could come with bespoke work.

The disadvantages are that you may not end up with a shed that is specifically suited for you. For example, you might have a specific space and measurements for your shed, but the only pre-made options do not have the features you desire, so you have to settle for an option that is not perfect for you.

You can normally find better warranties and guarantees on pre-made sheds, as they are mass-manufactured and built to last, while a bespoke shed, which is more of a unique creation, might not have the best warranties in case something goes wrong.

A great feature of pre-made sheds is the sheer amount of choices you can go for. It is easy to find a shed that is suited for you, as there are thousands of options

Sheds Made To Order From Keighley Timber & Fencing Sheds

If you’re after a new shed at a great price, get in touch with the experts at Keighley Timber & Fencing Sheds today. We offer an amazing selection of timber products to suit your needs, including sheds, summer houses, garden rooms, dog kennels and playhouses.

You can choose from a massive selection of existing products, or we can even manufacture non-standard sizes to suit the requirements of your outdoor space. We use tanalised timber on our wooden garden buildings, which can give you a ten-year anti-rot guarantee, meaning your shed will be built to last. All of the timber we use is imported from reputable forests, and then tanalised pressure treated to be the best quality it can be.

We can deliver and install your garden products throughout Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, with expert staff who are known for our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. We even offer free delivery throughout most of Yorkshire, delivering your item flat packed. We can also professionally fit your product, making sure it is assembled properly. With more than 25 years of experience, we’ll make sure your garden needs are met.

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