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Are Garden Sheds A Worthwhile Investment?

Thinking of installing a garden shed or timber building at home? The options are practically endless here, with a number of possibilities available to you. In this helpful guide, we provide an in-depth analysis of garden sheds, highlighting their key applications and benefits to discover if they are a worthwhile investment.

Garden Sheds | Key Applications

Garden sheds have a number of applications, from simple storage spaces to luxury summerhouses, the options are incredibly versatile, matching your specific needs and requirements. Below, we outline some of the most common uses for garden sheds and timber buildings for your consideration.

Children’s Playhouse

Garden sheds are far more than storage spaces, offering an excellent creative place for your children to play. Such is the flexibility of timber, you can easily paint your garden shed in bright colours, creating a fun, exciting place for your children to play either by themselves, with their siblings or with friends.

We’re proud to supply a wide range of bespoke children’s playhouses in a selection of unique designs, colours and sizes to suit your needs and requirements. We even provide incredible two-storey playhouses, for parents looking for an outdoor playhouse for more than one child.

Traditional Summerhouse

Perfectly balancing the joy of time spent outside, with vital protection against the unpredictable elements of British weather, noting says true luxury like a garden summerhouse. Stylish, practical and the ideal place to relax all year round, a traditional summerhouse is a perfect place to unwind no matter the weather outside.

We’re proud to supply a wide range of bespoke garden summerhouses in a selection of unique designs, colours and sizes to suit your needs and requirements. Our bespoke range of garden summer houses are designed to match the proportions of any outdoor space and can be made to order to meet specific requirements. Regardless of whether you want a timber summerhouse, a porch, extra windows or even a hot tub combo, we provide a range of garden summerhouses for every occasion, stylistic choice or specific requirement.

Art Studio

The ideal space to tap into your creative spark, garden sheds and buildings can easily be adapted into your very own art studio, ensuring you remain focused and creative away from distractions. At Keighley Timber & Fencing, we supply an incredible range of garden sheds, timber workshops and summerhouses that can be utilised for a number of different purposes. A perfect place to find solace, peace of mind and your creative spark, a timber garden shed can be adapted into the perfect art studio for your work.

Home Office

Much like an art studio, you can easily transform your garden shed into a quiet, comfortable home office for you to work in. in a post-pandemic era, working from home has become ever more prevalent in our collective society, with home-work balance an increasingly important factor for employees and employers alike. At Keighley Timber & Fencing, we supply an incredible range of garden sheds and timber workshops that can be suitably adapted into the perfect home office either part-time or as a sole trader!

Home Gym

Sometimes, it’s not the thought of exercise that prevents us from going to the gym, it’s the physical act of going to the gym itself that keeps us from doing it! We can always find excuses not to leave the house and go to the gym, but, imagine for a second, the gym was right at the end of your garden; you’d never be able to use that excuse again.

Adapting your garden shed or building into a home gym will motivate you to work out, as you are a mere stone’s throw away from your very own personal workout space.

Tool Store & Workshops

A home office for the more “hands-on” worker, at Keighley Timber & Fencing, we supply a range of timber workshops in a variety of sizes featuring double doors, large windows and an apex roof. If you consider yourself an expert DIY-er, you’ll need a quiet, enclosed space to carry out your work. From sanding to sawing and operating heavy machinery, a timber workshop is an ideal place to carry out your work, offering plenty of natural light at all times of the day.

Games & Entertainment Room

A wonderful way of adapting your garden shed into a personalised entertainment zone, the options here are endless. From installing mood lighting, sound systems, a television, games console, pool table or truly whatever you feel like, adapting a garden shed into a game or entertainment room will bring the fun times to your front door!

Our summerhouses, garden rooms and sheds are all suitable for use as an entertainment room, or even your own personal at-home pub, offering plenty of light, space and comfort all year round.

Garden Sheds | The Benefits

Now we have a further understanding of how and when we can use garden sheds, and in what capacity, we can take a closer look at the essential benefits of installing a garden shed or timber building at home. Below, we list the key benefits of garden sheds from Keighley Timber & Fencing.


A significant benefit of installing a garden shed or timber building in your outdoor space is the ability to protect and preserve important tools and equipment from the negative impacts of severe weather, rust and rot. Better still, a garden shed can act as the ideal deterrent for thieves, with the vast majority of your valuable equipment hidden out of sight and padlocked inside your timber building. This means you can store your hardware, bikes, sports or exercise equipment and more, safe in the knowledge that it will remain well-preserved all year round.


Installing a garden shed or timber building won’t just offer a safe space to store your hardware and ensure it remains well-preserved all year round, it will also offer the perfect place to organise your tools and equipment, helping you to manage your clutter. A well-organised garden shed, fitted with shelves, hooks and containers will allow you to make the most of your floor space, keep things tidy and carry out your work with care and precision.


Stylish, sophisticated and able to be painted or stained in whichever colour you desire, the garden shed is a classic, natural timber wood solution perfect for any landscape or environment. With a wide variety and versatility in design, including a range of shapes, sizes, number of windows and more, a garden shed can be as stylish as you choose.


One of the most important benefits of choosing a timber building or shed for your garden, and an extension of the above points, is the additional space provided for whatever you need to store. Be it hardware, tools, cleaning equipment or a range of expensive electrical equipment, such as TV sets, games consoles, sound systems and more. Your garden shed can become anything you choose, as you make the most of the extra space provided. No matter what you transform your garden shed into, the additional space will prove decisive.


Make no mistake; a beautiful, bespoke garden shed, timber building or in particular, summerhouse will undoubtedly add value to your property. Should the time come for you to sell your property, the additional storage space provided by a garden shed will be a key consideration for many potential buyers, especially if it remains in top condition, with the additional storage space or opportunity to transform it into an entertainment room too hard to miss. Better yet, a luxury summerhouse will increase your home’s value significantly, as a result of impeccable design, flexibility and storage opportunities.


A key consideration when thinking of installing a garden shed, ensuring the safe storage of hazardous chemicals, fertilisers and sharp objects or operational machinery is paramount, especially if you have young children. Not only this, but you may also run the risk of theft, so keeping your items safely stored away is especially important.

Keighley Timber & Fencing Ltd – Garden Sheds & Timber Garden Buildings

Thinking of investing in a garden shed? At Keighley Timber & Fencing, we design and craft the very best timber garden furniture, offering an incredible range of garden sheds and outdoor buildings. So, whether you’re looking to set up a brand new garden office for your new hybrid working schedule, or you simply require an exterior space to unwind in, trust us to satisfy your exact requirements.

Having overseen a diverse range of projects involving timber, we can be contacted with queries every step of the way. We provide several different outbuilding options and timber buildings so you can select the one that best suits your garden and your needs. Contact us today.

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