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5 Uses for Your New Garden Room

A garden room gives you a lovely outdoor space to enjoy during the warmer months, but it’s not just for sitting around in. You can put your garden room to good use with a little planning. Here is what some people are doing with their own garden shed.

Hobby Room

Do you love to work on model trains, sew things, or make unique wooden crafts? Then why not use your garden room as your hobby room. It’s the perfect space to place all your equipment and supplies, where you can neatly organise them and ensure you have it all to hand when you need to make something.

Whatever your hobby is, you will find that it’s easier to work on it when you have a dedicated space.

Artist’s Studio

If you’re an artist, then the garden room can rapidly become your creative space. From sculpting to painting and everything in between, your garden shed will make a lovely studio. This is particularly true if you have chosen a room with lots of windows and excellent lighting so you can make lovely things with natural light.

Yoga Ashram

Do you do yoga? You may not need an entire space just for stretching out, but many people appreciate having a calm, tranquil spot to do their yoga. Of course, if you teach it, then you can have small classes and do them in your garden shed. This is a simple conversion, but a yoga ashram can easily work in conjunction with any of the other things on this list.

Home Office

Working from home becomes so much sweeter when you’re working in your own garden, surrounded by windows, natural light, and a space where others will let you work in peace. There’s plenty of things you can do to turn this simple space into one that will allow you to be productive and get plenty of work done. You can even set up a wall just for Zoom meetings.

Guest Room

Finally, your garden shed can easily be converted into a guest room. You can choose if you wish to add a bathroom to it or simply leave it as is and have people come inside for this. However, if you do have a bathroom added on, it immediately becomes a space you can use for extra income as a small vacation rental, too.

There are so many ways to use your garden room that this list is just the beginning. Head over to Keighley Timber & Fencing to pick out the perfect shed for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team with any queries.

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